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Just a note to say that I appreciate the writings of Marv Rosenthal. I look forward to each new Zion's Fire magazine and the special word letters which come. Each one speaks to my heart and gives me comfort that God is in control. It's always timely and full of wisdom. Thank you for your boldness to declare that in a dark and sinful world to an audience that may not appreciate it. I do!

Winter Garden, FL

Greetings, Love your website and article on the trumpets. I am a pre-wrather/post tribber; Not sure at this point which one. All depends on when I'm satisfied with the beginning of the day of the Lord. Also, we see God Himself blowing the trumpet in Zech. 9:14. The context of this verse is last days when He comes and fights for Israel. Look forward to regular visits of your site. God Bless you and your ministry.

Winter Garden, FL

As a subscriber, I just have to tell you, the current issue of Zion's Fire is one of the best we've read. All of them are great, so it's kind'a hard to imagine anything exceeding "great," but if such is possible, your latest issue ("Distressed By His Dream") is soooooo informative. We just have to thank Him and you for your ministry.

Orlando, FL

I just want you to know I always look forward to the awesome articles I read in Zion’s Fire. I cannot put the magazine down till I read all of them. A good friend introduced me to your magazine in 1990’s. She’s a Jewish woman and loves Yeshua. May our Father richly bless all of you. Looking forward to the Daniel articles.

Laguna Niguel, CA

I decided it might be good to let you all know how much I enjoy all your articles and messages. I first saw your Zion’s Fire magazine in December 2009, at my son’s Baptist church in Huntsburg, Ohio. We all liked it so much that I ordered back issues so we could have all of the Revelation series, plus a 2 years subscription for each of us. We are renewed for another 2 years.
I don’t have the words to tell you how enlightening they have been, but enjoy all the articles so much. Marv’s, Dr. Cohen’s, and Kevin Howard’s on the Tabernacles, etc. I look forward to each issue.
I recently sent for “Israel: History and Prophecy.” It’s very good. Also have “The Pre-wrath Rapture of the Church,” and have given a couple as gifts.
Thank you all so much. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Lake City, FL

We have been subscribing to your magazine for a few years and we are so blessed. Actually we were introduced to Zion's Fire when someone put our name on a list to receive the magazine - we are forever grateful! May the Lord bless you in all that you do.

Lakemont, GA

Thank you for your magazine. I find it informative and timely. I enjoy the diversity of articles and viewpoints. I often share my issues with fellow Messianics and even some orthodox guys. They especially liked the article on the Temple. It's so hard getting good information in prison, especially here where we are limited to what we can get and from whom...

Prisoner from Colorado

Shalom, Shalom!
Thank you for the excellency of your wonderful Zion's Fire!
How I love (devour) reading it, especially this issue of the Servant's Heart Testimonies! All the divine appointments in Turkey and everywhere else!

Sebastian, FL

Greetings in the precious name of Yeshua our Messiah!
Thank you so much for Zion’s Fire and your Zion’s Hope website. Every article I’ve read is power-packed and full of godly information and wisdom, even more so than most Bible studies I have attended over the last 38 years! Your love for God and the anointing He has on your life is so very evident and is seen through the pages of Zion’s Fire articles, emails and letters you send us.
My husband, Dave, and I went to Israel and Petra with you in September of 2009. It markedly changed our lives and has been the source of a tremendous amount of better understanding of the land where Jesus walked, the culture than and now, and "biblical errors" taught through the Western mindset because of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of the Land of Israel and her people. We cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, teachings, comments, and understanding that was shared on the tour. It’s given us a much deeper love for Israel and her people along with a greater sense of the danger they face in these end times...
We are praying about participating in the upcoming Land & Sea Bible Prophecy Conference & Cruise… My passion in Bible study is the book of Revelation and eschatology, and it’s exciting to see prophecy coming to pass right before our very eyes!...

Milton, WA

I am so happy the God is opening up "doors" for you in Israel.
I pray for you and for the people of Israel to be saved!...

Frankford, WV

I find your Zion's Fire the best of all ministry material I've ever received.
I look forward to each issue and share them with friends and family.
Wonderful teaching and encouragement for the church.
God bless you!

Chester, VA

God bless you and your staff.
All of your studies have brought so much truth to me. The last 4 have been so wonderful.
However the Jan. - Feb. is the greatest! All three articles are so awesome!
Am ordering more to give to my Pastor and study group.

Alma, GA

Dear Zion's Hope
In 1994 I was in a Jewish hospital having had surgery for a malignant tumor and while I was there for a week had several roommates. The first one was discharged the day after I got there. The second one is the one I remember even though I was heavily medicated for pain management and going in and out of sleep. She was an elderly Jewish lady named Rose. When I first looked over at her I saw numbers tattooed on her left arm. When I was able to stay awake for short periods of time she told me she was a concentration camp survivor as was her husband. She said she married him after knowing him for just 9 days. I overheard her asking him to get memorial candles and I'm guessing it was for those that they had lost during their captivity.
I could not take my eyes off this lady. I felt as though I was on sacred ground. The reality of the holocaust was in the very room with me. I think of Rose often so when I send you my donations please use them for the Holocaust Survivors fund.
God bless you!

Glen Burnie, MD

Thank you so much for your "words" on Revelation 21, New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem. Every time I read it again it speaks to my soul and gives joy to my heart and mind. My family agrees!
Thanks again,

Broseley, MO

Wow! I just read Marv Rosenthal’s letter to us, “God’s Amazing Grace.” I am praising God that He spared our precious servant. . . I have received Zion’s Fire for many years and have come to rely on it for a Biblical perspective on end times prophecy. I cannot help but think about the birth pangs we are now experiencing and the escalating unrest in the Middle East. It sure looks like we are setting up for the Anti Christ to appear. I eagerly await any letter, e-mail or magazine from Zion’s Hope and Marv Rosenthal to get your perspective on the whole situation and will keep checking your web site for the latest news.
God’s deepest blessing to you and prayers for continued healing for Marv’s injuries!

Overland Park, KS

I just want to tell you how much your magazine has meant to me for several years. I share it with my neighbor. We keep every issue and go over and over it. Thanks again

Santa Anna, TX

Dear Mr. Marv Rosenthal and staff,
We were delighted with the lovely basket stocked with delicious things from Israel. And we especially appreciated the lovely document of The Names of Jesus. We are still enjoying them. Thank you for providing such a unique and quality product for us to enjoy and for gift-giving.
I also look forward to the magazine Zion's Fire and your letter A Special Word. I always learn something and am informed of things I need to know spiritually. I admire and am grateful to people like you. . . who stand up and speak the truth - warning and admonishing the people regardless of what it might cost. I pray for you all that you might continue in your courageous stand. . .
Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring WitnessWord Cards.

Brownfield, TX

Dear Zion's Hope
I really enjoy your magazine and e-mail articles, and especially the last two letters you sent regarding the days days we live in and the coming economic tsunami.
Thank you for caring enough to warn us and encourage us in the Lord, when so many are saying all is well. . .
God bless you and all your staff,

Mt. Juliet, TN

Just want to say how much I appreciate your letters and Zion's Fire magazine.
Your teaching is right on target. Keep up the good work in Jesus' name.
You're in my prayers.
A friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

Yakima, WA

Zion's Hope
The Christmas Cards, 2010, are beautiful, warm and send a beautiful, meaningful message. In years past, we have heard from family and friends who have so much enjoyed recieving them and the message of Christmas.

Great Falls, MT

Dear Rev. Rosenthal,
You have such a gift with words and the depth of your articles in the magazine, simply amazes me and my wife, who live in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Thank you for so aptly exposing the Word of God every month in your life changing articles and messages. God truly speaks clearly through you! Please keep it up for the sake of his Kingdom and our edification and sanctification in Christ.
May our Gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, grant mercy to the beautiful saints of the USA , as yourselves. Thank you for standing up for Christ and being what you are to the glory of our God, who certainly loves and wants to bless the USA [as the other countries in the world], if we will only turn back to Him!

Mossel Bay, South Africa

My wife and I just received Marv Rosenthal’s letter, written several days before the election. This is just a note of thanks. The letter is right on point. We pray many Christians will gt your message and act on it. To be sure, the nation cries out for political and economic change. But without true repentance, without a return to the moral underpinnings which we once had as a nation, all is for naught.
God will not be mocked. Jeremiah 18:7-8 comes to mind. In other words, there is still time.
Thank you again for your wonderful, faithful ministry!
In Christ,

Sequim, WA

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate your ministry and your magazine. It's such an inspiration to me.
I want to help in the next Servant's Heart program but unable to volunteer, so I am sending a check for $150.00 to help in any way.
Let the Lord have His way and let the blessings flow.

Wasilla, AK

Zion's Fire is such a blessing to me, and that you can allow me to be able to share this with ladies in my Bible Study is a great joy.
Thank you
Living and loving in Jesus the Christ,

Vermillion, OH

Welcome Home! We prayed for you before and while you were in Israel and we are looking forward to reading all about it soon!
Thank you for all the WitnessWord cards you send. I keep them all and display them at different times. Very nicely done - just like your magazine.
God bless you,

Yakima, WA

Greetings from Death Row:
What an ongoing joy, for over a decade now, to continue to receive and study the Zion's Fire Magazine! Such an excellent resource for the study, discernment, understanding and practical life application of God's Word for me and for those our Lord blesses me with the honor and privilege to teach. Praise God!!
I thank you while keeping all of you in prayer and thanksgiving as does my good loving and oh so faithful wife as she stands firm in the Lord and by my side.
Love and Respect in Jesus the Risen Messiah,

Prisoner from San Quentin State Prison

Dear Zion's Hope,
I hope this letter finds you well and blessed by God. I pray that all is well with you and your ministry. Your teachings from the Jewish perspective are really enlightening. Pray for all of us to become one mind in Christ. We all need it. I am praying for you. Please pray for me and my family. I love you guys.

Prisoner from West Virginia

Dear Zion's Hope,
Our womens missionary group had a meeting where I presented your letter about Makor Hatikva, the Christian school in Jerusalem. This touched our hearts so much our group took up a donation. How we praise God and wish we could be there to see how the kids and parents will respond. We love Israel - Psalm 37.
Your project for helping the only Christian day school in Jerusalem really touched our hearts. It is a joy to know Jerusalem has a school [like this].

Hobart, IN

Dear Zion's Hope,
Just a little note to say "Thank God" for your ministry. We love reading Marv's letters. We also love all the articles from Zion's Fire. We will pray for you and also for God's people Israel. We love them. God Bless you and keep you till He comes.
Yours in Christ,

Cherokee Village, AR

Dear Zion's Hope,
We appreciate your Zion's Fire magazine and your whole ministry. It's so comforting these days to think of all the believers around the world who are of one mind and will stand firm for our Lord. May God keep blessing you and hold us all steady.

Benton, KS

Dear Zion's Hope,
I really do get a lot from your informative magazine [Zion's Fire]. I have encouraged others to subscribe by sharing my copies. You do a great work. Thank you. May God bless each and every one of you. My prayers are with you and all of Israel and our great USA.
In Christ,

Rio Hondo, TX

Dear Marv and Zion's Hope,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your magazine is wonderful, in both content and stunning graphics!
As an inmate at a federal prinson, I read your magazine avidly, anxiously awaiting each issue. As I have three Jewish cellmates, Zion's Fire has contributed to some very stimulating (and I pray, Spirit lead) conversations!
I also thank the Lord Jesus Christ that I have found somebody who puts Israel in the proper perspective for the end-times. I myself have bucked the crowd for years, saying church-replacement theology was the wrong track. I also have been very strongly lead towards an understanding of the emergence of the end-time Islamic world power (even before 9-11!). So reading the ongoing Revelation study in Zion's Fire is a balm to my heart!

Federal Prisoner from New Jersey

Dear Zion's Hope,
I am reading Zion's Fire magazine and it is touching. As I look at the pictures of places you have toured and as I read, I feel so inspired that I am there with you. I've just read the Scriptures and chapters of Revelation in the Bible, of Babylon and the priesthood, and I must say I have gotten a full understanding from the Word of God as I read my Bible. Please send me your next magazine.

Prisoner from Pennsylvania

Dear Zion's Hope,
First, I'd like to say thank you for the Zion's Fire magazines you've sent me during my incarceration. My uncle ordered it for me back in 2007. He was a minister of the Gospel of Jesus and moved on to Heaven unexpectedly in April of 2007. I have now entered my last few years in prison. Your magazine and my Bible have been very instrumental in my growth in Christ and applying Biblical knowledge to my life.
My former husband and my two daughters are eagerly awaiting my release. My husband of sixteen years divorced me during my second year of incarceration but has stood by me, supported me financially and brought our daughters to see me each month. This is only the work of the Lord. I was a workaholic, rage-a-holic and rebellious. My husband had enough and filed for divorce. He put me out and six weeks later I ended up in jail. That day I was so angry and feeling sorry for myself and BAM- while I was playing on the devil's territory, he got me.
It has been a long, hard row to hoe but the Lord has never left my side!
Love, Forgiveness and Mercy are wonderful and never again will I take my life, my family and our relationships for granted. I could have died but I didn't. I am thankful to see the rain or the sun when I wake up. WOW- only God!
Thank you all so much!

Georgia State Prison

I just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know that I am thinking and praying for your ministry. Getting your magazine is very special for me. Not only does it benefit me personally - it also is a good way to share my faith with both Christians and non-Christians. I always find something that I can share with others. Your articles are good conversation starters.
I will continue to uplift Zion's Hope in prayer.

Lake Bluff, IL

Thank you for your letters - they are about the only Bible truth we receive - [many of] our churches just try to make us feel good as if we are doing God a favor by attending. We get so much from your teaching in Zion's Fire magazine. May the Lord bless you and the Zion's Hope staff.

St. Joseph, MO

We just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for your team effort in making our recent Journey to Jerusalem tour so memorable. As active duty and now retired military folks, we have had the opportunity to see most of the world in our travels. Your tour was truly a blessing - and by far the best we have ever experienced. As a result, our Bible study has been given a new life. Having now walked in the steps of Jesus, we have become even more dedicated followers. [Before this tour] we thought our walk in faith was progressing by leaps and bounds each day as His truths were revealed to us through His Word. This tour altered or learning - from linear to exponential!
Again, we thank you and bless you for what your team is doing for God's chosen people. We are very strongly praying about [joining you for one of your tours] next year.

Jefferson, CO

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you when Zion’s Fire comes -- it is read before anything else is done. When it comes it on the computer Brother Marv’s letters are read and sent on to someone else. Keep up the good works which is so badly needed to reach the lost of this world.
It seems that the U.S.A. is getting farther away from the truth of God’s Word. It grieves my heart to see how the Church is drifting, but I know what His Word says about the time we are living in. I am so glad I have anchored my soul in Him and I am trying to tell others everyday in everyway that they need to get ready. Jesus Christ is the only way – not any other religion. People are worshipping idols more it seems everyday.
Excuse the writing, but I thank God each day that I can still hear, read, and write. I just give thanks in all things. I am looking forward to His return.

Quinton, OK

Greetings once again to you from Myanmar! (Burma)
Thank you very much for sending your Zion's Fire, 2010 Jan/Feb issue. Let me tell you again that your materials have lifted me up to a new spiritual level. As a full-time missionary myself, your materials are of great benefit to me in my challenging mission to Myanmar. I do appreciate your efforts of sending your God-honoring materials. They are food for my hunger and water for my thirst. It taught me to know end-time missions and also to understand the Zionism movement better. Indeed, your materials are always a challenge and blessing for me. Very often I find the spiritual knowledge and wisdom I need to fight on in these trying times. I will continue to share them with other missionaries in Myanmar. I thank God for what your mission organization is doing in my missionary life and so many others who receive your resources. My prayer is that God will continue providing so that we can continue to gain from your publications. I always appreciate you for your godly generosity. May God continue to bless Zion's Hope.

Myanmar (Burma)

I am studying Revelation with the help of the articles in the beautiful magazine, Zion's Fire, along with your CD's. Marv's teaching is so clear and to the point. He pulls it together for me. The pictures in the magazine are inspirational and true to the Word of God. I am very grateful for the help in learning.
Thank you for the lovely Witness Word cards I enjoy them very much. I have them up all over the house and give some away. It is a reminder to pray for your ministry and a blessing and comfort to look at and a word from God! I try to memorize the Scriptures and review them.
God bless all of you in His service,

Brownfield, TX

Today my wife brought me a previous month's letter from you. In it you mentioned a need to raise $38,000 for the Servant's Heart ministry program in Israel along with the Bible Society in Israel. We still have $50 tithing money we have not used for May. This is minimal to what you need to meet the $38,000, however we want to help in your ministry.
We were on your tour to Israel in 2006, and if we could go again we would...

I love your magazine! I am nearly 72 years old and am fighting bladder cancer and a host of additional ailments. I am sorry that I cannot send money--but am hopeful that you will continue to send Zion's Fire to me!!
Thank you so much!!

Tea, SD

Enclosed please find my donation to be used for your "Servant's Heart" ministry. I believe God's Word in Genesis 12:3 - and it is an honor and a privilege to be part of this ministry with Zion's Hope.
Your magazine is very cherished in our home we have followed Marv's teaching [for many years] and have always been enriched by his teaching. Thank you so much for your ministry!!

Westland, MI

Thank you for your passionate heart for God and his people. Israel is truly blessed by your servant's heart and love for her. May God continue to use all of you for his glory. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry.

Pembroke Pines, FL

[In connection with your Servant's Heart ministry program in Israel], I have been praying for years for this miracle of a church building [for the believers living] in the heart of Jerusalem. Please use this small gift for that purpose...

Colorado Springs, CO

In light of current world events, seen through the "prism" of God's prophetic scriptures, how could any discerning, true follower of Christ be anything other than a "pessimistic optomist"?
The only alternative would be a classical example of pollyannaism or "head in the sand" ignorance!
I so enjoy your letters and many of your articles - may our Lord truly bless and continue to guide you.
In Christ our Savior,

Fairfield, TX

Ever since I started receiving a one-year free subscription to Zion's Fire, you have stirred my heart with love for you, your ministry and all Jewish people. For Jesus brought me, a Gentile, into His family when I was 36 years old. He has revolutionized my heart and my life ever since. I am now almost 74 years old.
I have enjoyed receiving your wonderful magazine ever since. In the meantime I've gotten to know you and the loving and faithful work you so graciously carry on in our Savior's name, and for all people. Your letters touch my heart and bless me. I've been able to make copies of some of them and pass them on.
Enclosed is a small gift, because I'm on a limited income. You and your ministry and those who are touched by you, will continue to be in my heart and prayers until the Lord brings me home. We will meet in person at that glorious time and spend eternity together with our great God and Savior. God bless you.
In the name and love of Jesus,

Clermont, FL

My daughter and I went on the 2008 fall tour to Israel with you. It changed my life as I knew it would.
I just want to say how much I enjoy Zion's Fire and your writings. I also am quite moved and blessed by the articles written by Kevin Howard.
We are studying Exodus in our church and I have been using your magazine to enhance our understanding of the Scriptures.
Many Blessings.

Vandergrift, PA

Just a note to let you know that I think your new Zion's Hope Servants Heart Mission Assistance Program is a great ministry. My prayer is that God will bless you and this new ministry in Israel. May the ones that you reach see our Lord's love for them in all that you do.

Millboro, VA

We have been so blessed by the work of Zion's Hope for the last 17 years and thank God for His Provision concerning us and all of His children. I saw your name on the back of one of the Christmas cards in the office where I was working. Later I copied the address and sent for information regarding your ministry. We, my husband and I, decided to subscribe to Zion's Fire and since then we look for each issue with anticipation and excitement. We are always blessed, encouraged and strengthened. Just wanted to let you know.

Pierce City, MO

Thank you for the article, "The Temple Mount: Is It Really Jewish". We do a lot of teaching to educate our friends on the war over the Holy City.

Irving, TX

What a delight it was [last month] to be led to your website and to listen once again to your classic message entitled, "The Glory of God".
It has been close to 20 years since I first heard it. I had the cassette tape and had listened to it so many times, I nearly had it memorized.
I have not listened to it for many years and discovered that you had made it available online last month while reading one of your recent emails.
Several years ago, I approached you and introduced myself, telling you how God had used that message in my life. Perhaps He will use it once again.
I posted it on my Facebook account last month.
Thank you.

Valrico, FL

We just received the most recent issue [of Zion's Fire] and are so thankful for the gift God has given you to write such wonderful articles! . . . What sad yet exciting times we find ourselves living in. Don't stop writing such great and insightful information. We need your uncompromising leadership.
In 2010, may we be found to be building up [our Christian brethren] and preparing now for what lies ahead!
Press on - we are standing with you.

Crestview, FL

Your last letter to, "Dear Heir to an Eternal Inheritance" from Marv was excellent and right to the point!
I would like to ask permission to copy this for our church and pass it out this coming Sunday if possible.
Please let me know if this is acceptable to you.

Pastor / Ohio

I have wanted to write you and let you know how much my husband and I look forward to your letters.
I love the word pictures you use such as "Citizen of Heaven". It is such a wonderful thought and brings tears to my eyes. I save the letters until I have the time to sit down and enjoy them fully. My husband loves the way you keep us informed and express things we know and are feeling as well. We thank you so much for your ministry and your beautiful Zion's Fire magazine. It has been such a blessing to read it. We love your heart, Israel, and the Jewish people.
God bless you always,

Lexington, VA

I have been truly blessed by your magazine and letters.
Please continue to speak the truth in love, uncompromising and God will continue to bless. It is difficult to find and hear those who are conveying what God really says in His Word.
We must remain faithful in these last days and to do that we must stay in His Word and seek Him with all we have.

Lindsborg, KS

Please renew our subscription to Zion's Fire (which was originally given to us as a gift subscription). We really do enjoy this magazine, and are so thankful that it was given to us by our friend.
It is very educational and helpful to us when we see what is happening in today's world. The day we recieve it, we read it from cover to cover.
May God bless you and your ministry, and we pray that this magazine will be seen by many people.

Stoughton, WI

I do not write often but I must tell you how much I cherish Zion's Fire, the Zion's Hope Ministry and Marv's letters. I have saved some of your letters, they are such a message in themselves. Few preach the Word as faithfully as you. Few are so clear that salvation comes through faith in Christ alone. Few speak of the hope that we feel in the coming of Christ.
I pray God blesses your ministry to the last day of this age. Thank you for your service and labors of love in Christ.

Richmond, VA

Thank you so very much for your work for God. I do so appreciate the letters by Marv Rosenthal. Please keep them coming.
My husband and I are the grafted in ones - so thankful for our Jewish friends. God bless your work.

Rocklin, CA

May God bless all of you at Zion's Hope. I am a 77 year old widow of a missionary. . . I am so blessed to be able to read your magazine. I appreciate your integrity and faithfulness to the Scriptures.
God bless you and supply more than you can imagine!

San Antonio, TX

Thank you! That was a very encouraging message [10 Truths for a Triumphant New Year] & one that I think we need to hear.
May the Lord bless you in this New Year with awe inspiring surprises, joy unspeakable & an ever deeper understanding of His ways.

E-Mail Subscriber

Please know I'm so blessed by the work you are doing. I am a widow and my income is limited, but you are in my prayers. I receive your magazine and your letters. They are a blessing, and right on target-truly God inspired. Oh! that all Americans could read them and wake up to what is going on in our country. I've always been so humbly proud to be an American as well as my late husband who came from Puerto Rico, tears would come to his eyes when he would see our flag waving.
God has blessed me to be a member of a church very involved in missions. . . I truly believe in missions and I do all I can to support that calling. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards you offer each year. To help support your work I do send them and I also try to make copies of Marv's letters as a way to introduce others to Zion's Hope. I also have given the cards you enclose with my purchase of cards.
Again Praise God for your work in carrying the true gospel to people about our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!
Thank you for reading my humble way of expressing my support and Praise for the work you do for our God and Saviour.

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Thank you for your e-mail, "10 TRUTHS for a Triumphant New Year" - and for all the ways you guide us in truth and strength, in the Word of God.
May the Lord our God bless Zion's Hope in 2010

E-Mail Subscriber

I received your e-mail "10 TRUTHS for a Triumphant New Year." A great and marvelous message! A blessed New Year to all the Zion's Hope ministries!

E-Mail Subscriber

I dedicated yesterday morning and this morning to start and finish the reading of Zion's Fire September/October edition. And just in time as the November/December issue arrived today.
I was blown away with this particular edition. Marvin's writings have always been inspirational and insightful but this issue was truly a masterpiece. Only years of study and only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit could this gut-wrenching issue have been written. Thank you for the grace He has given you to be so bold and yet humble to be so honest. We cannot be afraid of His truths. He has given us years to grow and trust in Him in all matters.
I always do a little marking in books and articles as I read, but this article is totally underlined, starred and checked. And it will be reread again. There was so much to grasp and digest as the Holy Spirit bore witness. . .
I also listened to Marv's CD - The Glory of God. Again, I received more insights. Thank you for your consistency.
One other thing - your website is a masterpiece like none I've ever seen. It's truly beautiful, inspirational, innovative and alluring. It pulled on me to read all the pages. I normally don't have that kind of time.
May He keep us all strengthened in our inner man as we continue to serve Him.

Clearwater, FL

I sent out all my Christmas cards that I had ordered from Zion's Hope which included the free one-year subscription to Zion's Fire magazine for my family and friends. It's the best gift I could give anyone! Thank you for the opportunity.

Orlando, FL

I greet you in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
My purpose for writing this letter is two-fold:
My first reason is to say that every year I look forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday - to give Him my best gift. After all, it is His birthday, but most of the time everyone else gets the gifts and He is forgotten. As I sought the Lord for guidance regarding how much to give in His name, and to whom, He led me to send His birthday gift to your ministry. Therefore, in obedience to Him, I am enclosing a check to be used for His glory!
Secondly, I want to express my profound gratitude to you for the transparency and candidness with which you share the Gospel, and explain Bible prophecy to the readers of Zion's Fire magazine. It is refreshing to read a magazine that is not tainted by political correctness - which has, unfortunately, even made its way to our pulpits.
As I read the articles in which you also address the present critical issues facing our nation and world, I can truly sense your pain - your burden. My heart, too, is deeply saddened and burdened by the direction in which our beloved America is heading. We're on a lethal, downward spiral. One whose heart is not focused on God can easily panic listening to all the dismal news that permeates our media. But we, God's children, are not afraid because our hearts are fixed on Jesus, our Savior, who is in control of all things. He is our shield, our strength, our portion, a very present help in time of need and trouble. I can say confidently, like David, "O Lord, my soul trusts in You; and in the shadow of Your wings. I will take my refuge until these calamities have passed by" (Ps. 57:1). It's wonderful to know that "Abba" (our Father) hides us "in the secret place of His presence, from the plots of man" (Ps. 31:20).
I want to thank you also for keeping your readers informed about what is going on in Israel. I love the Jewish people and "pray for the peace of Jerusalem," and for the leaders of that great nation, every night . . .
Thank you again. I love your magazine and always look forward to reading it.
May you have a blessed Christmas. Continue to magnify, honor and glorify our Savior through your writings. HE IS WORTHY!

Flushing, NY

To put in words how much I appreciate and enjoy Marv Rosenthal's writings, messages and communication is difficult.
I have been blessed by them for many, many years and I do praise and thank the Lord and all who help!
Again, thank you so much and may the Lord continue to bless and reward your diligence and faithfulness.
Have blessed and wonderful holidays!
Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Simi Valley, CA

As this year comes to an end, we wanted to remember you and your ministry as you enrich our lives so very much and it is our desire to see your work continue, until we all see the Lord face to face.
As you know, our hearts are particularly tender to those who minister in Jerusalem, however we trust that you will use our gift where most needed.
Thank you for all the encouraging letters you send. It is reminiscent of the way the early church was encouraged by Paul's epistles. Thank you for contending for the faith in these turbulent times.
We look forward, as do you, to hearing, "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Blessings to all, in the name of Y'shua,

Rabun Gap, GA

Thank you for the two informative letters this month. I always enjoy hearing from you.
I have moments that I get angry with what's going on in our country, yet I know God is in control and worry is a sin. I speak Psalm 18:30, a whole lot. "As for God His way is perfect. The word of the Lord is proven. He will be a shield for all of those who trust in Him."
I enjoyed your Thanksgiving letter. I have so much to be thankful for and I thank you for sending your letters.

Riverton, KS

I wish you all at Zion's Hope a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also would like to thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I learn a great deal from your magazines. God bless you.

New Lisbon, WI

I have truly been blessed by your love for Jesus expressed through Zion's Fire. You, by the grace of God, have helped me to understand and grow in the knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ. I may be physically bound behind these fences, but the grace of God has set me free from the prison of sin that I was in. Baruch Hashem Adonai!

Belle Glade, FL

We have so many wonderful memories of our amazing Aegean Sea Bible Cruise with you back in 2006 . . . It was the dream of a lifetime for all of us.
We greatly anticipate Zion’s Fire and teach from the information we glean from time to time. It is unfortunate that so few are “crying in the wilderness”. Blessings in your continued ministry.

Dawsonville, GA

Thank you for your work in producing a Christmas card with the real message of what Christmas is all about. We especially appreciate the Scripture that is predominant - for God has promised us that His Word will not return void . . .
We so appreciate the [devotional] letters that Marv Rosenthal has written over the years and have sent them on to others. We share his belief that our once great nation has passed the point of no return - with very difficult days that lie ahead. We agree that it is of the utmost importance that we be diligent in our [Christian service], making the most of every opportunity to reach people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May He continue to grant Zion's Hope the strength and wisdom to carry out His work and may we press on together to bring both Jew and Gentile into the kingdom of God.

White, SD

The main reason for sending this communication is to let you know how much I appreciate your magazine Zion's Fire. It is the best I have ever read; and your teaching is more in line with what I understand the Scriptures teach. When I read your topics on the end times - the Antichrist, tribulation, etc., it creates an even greater hunger for the Word.
I don't know of any other magazines or letters [that are] so well written and explained. We aren't getting teaching that clear in most of our churches.
I've been telling others and sharing your magazine with those interested in prophecy. I have taken [some of the issues] to church for my Sunday School class, teachers and pastor. . .
I'm sorry I don't have extra funds to financially support Zion's Hope, as my income is quite limited. But I am encouraging others to subscribe to your magazine. I enjoy it so very much. Thank you. Your [ministry] is a great blessing to me.

San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for your faithful teaching of God’s Holy Word over these many years. You have indeed been a great blessing. Your ministry letters, e-mails, magazine, tapes, and CDs are a constant source of inspiration, hope and enjoyment for us. Thank you and God bless!

Soddy-daisy, TN

I purchased 100 of your brochures on Sin: The Global Pandemic while I was a professor at [a large Christian university]. I used them in my Psychology classes to show my students the real problem we need to address. It was eye opening to the students. God bless and keep up the good work. It seems that we may not have a lot of time left.

City and state withheld by staff editors

Thank you for your candidness - we desperately need Christian leaders willing to speak the truth about God, His Word, His Son, and the condition of the human race! Your articles bless me and cause me to offer up praises to God for His goodness and mercy in my life. The ministry of Zion's Hope has blessed me for several years now . . . Thank you for remaining faithful to his calling.

Norris, TN

Thanks for a good letter. I hope you sent a copy to the President.

Windermere, FL

Thank you for the e-mail! It is too bad that I have not been receiving them sooner! This is my first!

Ocklawaha, FL

This is a brilliant article.  I Love it!  Thanks for enlightening this Gentile!!!

Marion, IN

My sister gave me the gift of "Zion's Fire" magazine and I have to express my feelings here and let you know what wonderful enlightenment you give to the world. Reading your wonderful articles moves me in such an empathetic way towards Israel and the Nation God calls His chosen. I want to be His "chosen" daughter. There is so much I do not understand, however, I look forward to the next thing you write and eagerly await the next email and magazine. I wish I was in a financial position to help you spread this good news and fascinating truth. For some reason, I believe the things I read here as in no other time of my life. Thank you for what you do. I believe God holds a high place for you in his kingdom for teaching and sharing with the world.

Pasadena, MD

Thank you for your work. It seems that when I'm in that down state of mind your letter comes and BANG - it gives me a push to press on with more confidence and power. "Move over mountain, get out of my way, I'm coming through."

Madison, FL

I wish to express the blessing I received from your most recent issue of Zion's Fire. [I appreciated] the teaching on "The Holy Temple" by Kevin Howard. Truly our Triune God and His Holiness is much ignored in these days of "modern" teaching. Thank you.

Monroe, OH

Just a note to thank you for your magazine. We learn so much from it and are so glad that we know what our future holds. In this day with all that is happening, we can have hope instead of dispair and know that God is in control. We can trust in Him and hold onto all that He has promised. Thank you.

Belpre, OH

I am in total gratitude for the wonderful tour that I and others on our journey just completed in the beautiful holy land of Israel. Please thank Marv and David for one of the best experiences of my life. In addition, I cannot remember ever being with more courteous and helpful people - not ever. And to top all of that, the humor was priceless and so much fun. I send this with love, Thank you - and Shalom!

Largo, FL

I am very blessed by your monthly letters and your Key Studies CD series on the Book of Revelation. Zion’s Fire magazine is really beautiful and informative. It feeds my spirit. Thank you. May God bless the ministry of Zion’s Hope.

Brownfield, TX

Marv - Many thanks to Zion’s Hope for a most wonderful tour to Israel! Wow! Your inspiration, organization and expertise resulted in 10 days of spiritual prodding and sheer learning enjoyment! Thank you so much! . . . I have no doubt our paths will cross again and I will inquire within our church [for others who may wish to participate] in future trips.

West Chester, PA

Your candor and boldness in speaking the truth about the state of our world is refreshing and convicting. I so appreciate the e-mails and letters you send. Each one brings me back to my life’s focus of serving Yeshua and advancing His Kingdom. It is so easy to get distracted in our day-to-day lives and I must admit I fall into that trap more often than I would like to admit. Thank you for admonishing me to get focused and stay focused. The world is indeed getting darker and we must be prepared. As the proverbial rug is being pulled out from so many, our pride of self-sufficiency is crumbling and we are seeing that our only hope truly is and will always be only in the Lord Yeshua. Thank you for teaching me to be bold, for preparing me to stand and see the salvation of the Lord, and for modeling how to communicate that message to others.

Amelia Island, FL

I have just read your article on the Woman and the Dragon. Every time I get a copy of Zion’s Fire I read the magazine from cover to cover. Your study on Revelation has been wonderful. But this article is especially great, [making it] so easy to understand the scriptures as you reveal what the Holy Spirit was prompting John to write. I have always loved [the book of] Revelation, but to actually see it make sense and unfold before my eyes is beyond words. Thank you for your willingness so many years ago to step out and be used of our Father to [teach the] truth in these last days.

Raymond, WA

Thank you for your publication. I am learning so much of God’s Word from it. [The articles] open my heart and draw me closer to the Lord as I grasp these truths.

Clayton, NC

Keep going! [I so appreciate your] writing with biblical discernment. I am right with you as I agree with so very much of what you write. Your work is succinct, and enforces what I have studied in my Bible study group. I look forward to the balance of your Revelation articles. Thank you, Marv.

Plainfield, IL

I just wanted you to know that I sent one of your recent letters to my grown boys. I want them to be prepared when persecution comes and inspire them to endure until the end, guarding their testimony for Christ.
The ministry of Zion’s Hope and Zion’s Fire magazine does make a difference in people’s lives.

Dover, FL