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A Scroll with Seven Seals
Written by Marvin J. Rosenthal

In Part One of this series, we identifed the four main views of the timing of the Rapture and Christ’s Second Coming. They are known as:

  • Pre-Tribulation
  • Mid-Tribulation
  • Post-Tribulation
  • Pre-Wrath Rapture

We also sought to direct your attention to three crucial issues which are foundational for a proper understanding of the last days.

First, we explained that the Bible clearly indicates there will be a climactic, seven-year period of time in which God will bring history to a proper and righteous consummation. This vital piece of information has been provided to us in Scripture by the prophet Daniel. While captive in Babylon, Daniel was concerned about the destiny of his people (the Jews) and their holy city, Jerusalem, which was in ruin. After calling out to the Lord in prayer, this man of God was given a prophetic vision which revealed the destiny of his people and their holy city, along with God’s plan to bring history to an epic conclusion during a future, final, seven-year period of time.

Second, we emphasized the critical importance of referring to this future seven-year period by its proper biblical name – the “70th Week of the Book of Daniel.” This future period of time is commonly – but incorrectly – referred to as the “Tribulation.” This name has been superimposed upon this seven-year period without biblical justification. We warned that this incorrect designation can lead to a misunderstanding of the timing of the Rapture and events related to Christ’s Second Coming. We’ll share more on this in a moment.

Third, we touched on the biblical truth that Christians will not experience the wrath of God. This promise, given to believers within Scripture by the apostle Paul, assures us that God will not subject us to His vengeance upon the wicked, but will rescue true believers by Rapture prior to the unleashing of His fury. Most Bible-believing Christians agree on this point, and we wholeheartedly concur. However, it is at this point in the process where unbiblical assumptions can arise. If you refer to the future seven-year period (Daniel’s 70th Week) by its incorrect name, the “Tribulation,” it is but a small jump to reason that all seven years of this so-called “Tribulation” are enacted by God and therefore must represent the “wrath” of God. This flawed reasoning results in a faulty conclusion: that Christians will be raptured “Pre-Tribulationally” – that is, before the final seven-year, so-called “Tribulation” period.