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Destined to Serve in Desert Lands
Written by Rachel

As Zion’s Hope missionary partners, Rachel and Karen are ministering among Jews, Arabs, Muslims, and various other people groups in the Middle East. ese godly, dynamic women have signi cant missionary experience from their extensive time spent in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. In this report, Rachel shares about the background of both of these dedicated missionaries.

Missionary Background

Both Karen and I (Rachel) were active in the mission field before we met. My introduction to “missionary” work came in 2005 when I embarked on a six-week mission trip to the Philippines when I was 18 years old. It was at this time that the Lord led me to commit my future to this work. I was drawn to the Middle East – Israel in particular. From an early age I was interested in Israel (and missions), having studied Hebrew for 18 months at the age of 11.

Before making my rst trip to Israel in the fall of 2006, I got in touch with Zion’s Hope, and was given the contact information of John T. (Zion’s Hope ministry Field Director in Israel) and Antony (Tony) S. (longtime Zion’s Hope missionary who last year went home to be with the Lord). I met them both briefiy during my three-month stay in the Holy Land.

I made a second trip to Israel in the summer of 2008 with the intention of volunteering with Tony. After several months, I headed home with a plan to return in January of 2009 to work long-term with him and his ministry volunteers. I did just that, and for three consecutive years worked in Jerusalem. During that time I made short-term mission trips to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq.

Karen was also involved in mission work before we met. She had taken two short-term trips to Haiti and Peru. In Haiti, the focus of the missionary team was to up-grade living conditions for a school, individual homes, and a church. In Peru, the emphasis was on physical upgrades for missionary staff, but also for teaching and staff training. Her ministry experience in the United States has involved partnering with local churches on at least three occasions to aid in disaster-relief efforts.